Hey there! Since I feel like I have so much to say in regard to the new administration, I decided I’d start a blog. It’s a way for me to express my ideas, frustrations, worries, etc. It’s the perfect way for me to vent and do a little therapeutic writing.

I consider myself a progressive liberal. I supported Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary, even volunteering for his campaign in the Vancouver, WA area with my best friend Kelly Jo. We canvassed our neighborhood, knocked on doors and spoke with people in our community about Sanders and voting. I also had the great opportunity to lead our neighborhood’s caucus, in which Sanders won handily. I was disappointed that he didn’t get the nomination, I feel we may not be in the situation we are now had he won, but we can’t dwell on the past. That being said, I fully jumped on board the Hillary train soon thereafter.

I’ll be honest, I was very surprised that she didn’t win. She wasn’t the perfect candidate. I know that a lot of people had trust issues with her, but the reality of it is, there has been a republican smear campaign against her for the last 30 years. She represents so much of what they hate, and frankly, I think they have always been terrified of her. So many easily refutable conspiracy theories, overblown accusations, the Benghazi witch hunt, and the ridiculous email ‘scandal’. She would have made a great president and at the very least, was actually qualified and mentally fit for the job.

I was horrified on election night, realizing that a narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, bigoted, xenophobic, moron had just won. He really is a sick man, figuratively and literally. He’s named woefully unqualified people to top posts, especially Betsy DeVos (Education), Rex Tillerson (State), Ben Carson (HUD), and Rick Perry (Energy). He wants a racist Attorney General (Jeff Sessions), a forclosure king at Treasury (Steven Mnunchin), and a union hating, anti-labor man at, of all places, Labor (Andrew Puzder). And let’s not forget the choice for EPA, Scott Pruit, who has current litigation pending AGAINST the department he wants to lead. Most of his choices want to dismantle the very department they are being asked to lead. How is this even real?

I miss President Obama already. I miss his wife. I miss the grace, class and dignity they brought to the White House. As an American, I respect the office of the presidency. But the person who occupies said office doesn’t necessarily get my respect. Obama earned it because he is a good man, because he put forth good policies to help the American people, because he is thoughtful and kind, because he raised the United States’ stature around the world. I saw a comment from someone in the UK who said President Obama was revered across the pond and I saw similar sentiments from down under. We have again lost the respect of our allies and communities around the globe because of who sits behind the Resolute Desk. This time though, our very democracy is at stake.

So, I hope you’ll stick around. I’ll have plenty of issues to discuss (I already have a few things I’m itching to talk about, but wanted a little introductory blog first) and plan on writing at least once or twice a week. Feel free to leave comments/questions on any of my upcoming blogs and we can discuss/debate the issues. Thanks for reading!