All the turmoil that Trump and his administration have put before us, there have been some things going on behind the scenes in Congress, that are just as detrimental to the exact citizens these people are supposed to be representing. With a thin-skinned toddler running the country, the republicans in national office are having the wet dreams of all wet dreams.

They reversed legislation (The Stream Protection Rule) that President Obama put into effect to reduce the coal mining industry from dumping coal ash and waste in rivers. Not only is that detrimental to our environment, but they did it in a way that can prevent the executive branch from implementing similar regulations going forward. The Congressional Review Act, a little used obscure law, will make it easier for legislation to hit the floor and the 60-vote threshold in the senate will be obsolete. Basically, a simple majority vote can be used to dismantle everything President Obama worked for. If that’s not terrifying, I don’t know what is.

And honestly…getting rid of something called The Stream Protection Rule is not going to do you any favors. It’s literally right there in the name. Let’s actually protect our waterways from dangerous chemicals and waste said democrats. No, said republicans. Our oil and energy overlords have to spend extra money to do that. Who cares about drinking water. Ugh. Republicans are the worst.

Continuing on the deregulation trend, Republicans ended a regulation aimed at bribery and government corruption. The original regulation prohibited oil companies here in the states from hiding their payments to government actors known for corruption in countries like Russia and Iraq. In so doing, the regulations also protected our oil and gas companies from investigation under the Foreign Corrupt Practices act. But now, under the table deals with corrupt government officials are back on, apparently.

Here, I think, is the best one yet. The Obama administration put forth a regulation prohibiting social security beneficiaries with severe mental disorders from owing a gun. These are people who, because of those disorders, require someone else to manage their benefits and day-to-day lives. Now, with that regulation gutted, mentally ill individuals can legally purchase a gun. Sounds safe, no?

Many of the worst mass shootings in our country’s history have been perpetuated by mentally ill individuals (Aurora, CO; Virginia Tech; Sandy Hook). And that’s not even taking into account single murders and/or suicides committed by mentally ill people. This is an absolutely asinine thing for the republicans to have done. It proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are not pro-life. They are however, pro-gun. It’s sickening.

There was another bill they put forth that fortunately had to be scuttled after major backlash. They wanted to sell millions of acres of federal land to oil and gas drillers. Utah republican Jason Chaffetz lied,  saying it would only have been small parcels of land, but he would have sold off 3.3 million acres across ten states. He then tried to say that we could make a lot of money and put it toward the national debt. But what he failed to mention is that the U.S government would have made next to nothing on the sale because as soon as the new congress was sworn in this year, they changed a law to make federal land cheaper. So, basically, we’d have sold millions of acres of federal land for pennies on the dollar so oil and gas companies could continue to ruin our environment. How very republican..

As much as we need to focus our attention on the despicable things the Trump administration is doing, don’t let the republicans in congress do just as despicable things behind our backs. Pay attention!