After fearing that the Russian hacking scandal was fading into the background, Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn accidentally brought it all back. And that’s a good thing. This is a serious issue that needs to be heavily investigated and if Flynn is just the start, then let’s get moving!

In a new report from last night, the Washington Post released a bombshell regarding Flynn and his ties to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. There were numerous phone calls between the two after the election, with one such call coming the day after President Barack Obama levied sanctions and expelled Russian spies from the U.S. In comments from both Flynn and then Vice President-elect Mike Pence, they denied that Flynn discussed the sanctions with Kislyak during the calls. They stated it was just holiday wishes and plans for a phone call between the presidents after the inauguration.

Well, anyone with half a brain would realize that was a lie. Add in the fact that Putin decided he wouldn’t reciprocate the sanctions/removals, and it seems we have some collusion going on. However, without transcripts from the calls, we’d never know. Oops! Nine current and former intelligence officials have now come forward to say that yes, Flynn and Kislyak did in fact discuss the sanctions and Kislyak was led to believe that there would be relief once Trump was president.

Obviously Flynn lied, but did Pence lie too? The administration lies on the regular, we are used to that by now. But this isn’t a lie about crowd size or voter fraud. This is a lie that can actually effect national security. Flynn should be immediately removed from his post and not be given any national security intelligence ever again. We don’t know what he’s giving to the Russians.

In my personal opinion, I fully believe the dossier on Trump is absolutely true. How can you explain the former British spy going into hiding after releasing the information? Or the FSB agents kidnapped, held in prison, and murdered for the same thing? If pee-pee gate didn’t actually happen, why are those people disappearing? Trump is absolutely a Russian plant who wants to save his own reputation (what’s left of it), regardless of the damage it does to the U.S. It’s not and has never been ‘America First’ (not that that is a good policy anyway). It has and always will be ‘Trump First’. This man and his entire administration are a clear and present danger to the United States of America. Hopefully Flynn will be the first to fall and the rest will go the way of dominoes soon.