This Russia thing is getting out of hand. I don’t want to say I called it when news was released that Michael Flynn spoke to Sergey Kislyak back in December, but I called it when Michael Flynn spoke to Sergey Kislyak BACK IN DECEMBER! How this wasn’t promptly investigated and the inauguration stopped is beyond the pale. This is the guy who shouted ‘Lock Her Up’ at the republican convention. What he did is a million times worse than what Hillary did. In my opinion, the entire administration is compromised and needs to be removed from office. We need a new election.

Flynn’s resignation does nothing to abate the situation. This is still a very serious issue. At the least, Flynn defied the Logan Act, at most, he committed treason. Who else knew? Well, Trump had been briefed weeks ago by Sally Yates (yes, the same woman he fired for defying his Muslim ban), so he has known about this for some time. Yet he did nothing. The GOP did nothing. The GOP continues to do nothing. In interview after interview, they say that since Flynn has resigned we all need to move on. Oh, like they moved on from investigating Benghazi (and they also said they won’t investigate the Yemen raid). Or like they moved on from Hillary’s emails (but high level officials in Trump’s administration are using private servers and Trump himself continues to use an unsecured android phone).  Their hypocrisy is astounding.

You want to know what else is astounding? Russia is PISSED that Flynn was forced to resign. If a foreign power is mad that a U.S. official was fired, what does that say exactly? Russia also secretly deployed a cruise missile, which violates arms control treaties that were put in place to help end the cold war. This is an illegal provocation that cannot go unanswered. Also, on February 10, a U.S.naval destroyer in the Black Sea was buzzed at low altitude by four different Russian aircraft. They did not identify themselves, nor respond to information requests from the ship. Putin is testing Trump and we’ll see the depths of Trump’s collusion with Russia in how the U.S. plans to deal with this threat.

Our national security was at stake with Flynn at the helm of the NSC. He was surely compromised. But who else is compromised? Two other officials that worked on Trump’s team during the campaign (Paul Manafort, Carter Page) had to resign because of ties to Russia. We know that members of the Intelligence Community have come forward to say that parts of the dossier have been proven true, so clearly Trump himself is compromised. This cannot stand! Something must be done NOW!

And let’s not forget recent security lapses. Trump and his team discussing critical and classified information at a dinner table at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Pictures and video of this meeting were found on social media accounts of patrons and employees of the resort. And what about Trump’s friend, Richard DeAgazio, who posted a picture of and explained the duties of the military aide who carries the ‘nuclear football’ on facebook? What is happening to our government right now? It’s like a bunch of children are in charge. Can a sensible adult please take over?

President Obama…can you come back please?