The Federal Bureau of Investigation is devolving into a partisan agency instead of the impartial department it is supposed to be. James Comey’s leadership is lacking and the agency as a whole is not doing it’s job. The news today that they won’t be pursuing charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn proves their descent.

Comey, a purely partisan hack, was ‘forced’ to reveal that the FBI was looking into Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abbedin’s laptop back in October. That letter may have been the tipping point in the election. The reason behind the release? He didn’t have control over his New York office. Several NY agents had illegal contact with Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani, and the Mensa member that he is, Giuliani bragged about it on television. At that point, Comey knew several of his agents were about to violate the Hatch Act, so he had to release the letter. Or, he could have gotten his agents in line, and not violated the Hatch Act himself. (The Hatch Act, for those not aware, is a federal statute prohibiting federal employees from acting in partisan political ways, including meddling in an election).

Oh, and what did they find on Abbedin’s laptop? NOTHING. Comey even stated in his letter that they didn’t know what they were looking for or if there would be anything useful. He stated he just wanted to ‘let congress know’ they were looking into it. Really? Eight days before the election? I’m sure he was just a concerned FBI director who wanted nothing more than to be honest…

Let us not forget that Comey also had absolute proof that Russia had hacked the DNC and some of its members and was interfering with our election months before the election actually took place. But he REFUSED to release any information publicly, instead focusing on how to take down Clinton. We all lauded him for not pursuing charges against her, which, for what it’s worth, was the right decision. But it looks as if he was just playing a long game, hoping to derail her campaign.

Now, even though it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Flynn straight up lied to them (which is a federal offense), the FBI is refusing to bring charges against him. They said they feel that he wasn’t being intentionally misleading. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He told them he didn’t talk to Sergey Kislyak about sanctions even though they knew he did. When pressed, he said he couldn’t remember. Really. You couldn’t remember a phone call in which you explicitly told an emissary from a foreign government not to worry about sanctions because ‘president’ Trump would take care of it? I realize Flynn may not be the brightest bulb, but come on. This is just getting ridiculous.

We can’t trust the president, his cabinet or aides, certainly not republicans on the Hill, and now it looks as though we can’t trust the FBI. We’re getting into dangerous territory here.