You remember the Jim Carrey movie ‘The Truman Show’? Where he lives in a bubble filled with actors and they give him this perfect life? I sort of feel like that is what Donald Trump’s life is like. His increasingly bizarre behavior at the White House, his relationship to news stories that don’t flatter him, and his absolute disdain for his critics are showing us how little he can actually take on a day-to-day basis. This man is mentally unstable.

There was an article on Politico recently about how Trump’s staff has to leak ‘positive’ stories to friendly outlets like Breitbart, The Daily Caller, or Washington Examiner, who then have to release those to Fox News (because you know, our ‘president’ doesn’t read…at all). Then he can see those positive stories about himself on television and it makes him happy. Seriously? He’s like a five-year old child who has to have a treat dangled in front of him to make him stop crying.

And let’s not forget that Trump uses Fox ‘News’ to try to make policy and to tweet about himself. For example, he threatened to send in the National Guard in Chicago after seeing a crime report of the city on The O’Reilly Factor. Or, just yesterday, he tweeted that the national debt went down by $12B last month. He took credit for it. This shows that he has absolutely no idea how economics works, and he truly is delusional. He hasn’t enacted any fiscal policy yet, how on earth could the reduction in debt be because of him? Answer…IT CAN’T! But where did he get that information? Fox News.

It’s clear that as a malignant narcissist, he loves the positive reports and takes them as fact even when they are easily disprovable. But anything that goes against him…FAKE NEWS. The thing that those of us in the real world understand, is that just because something doesn’t fit your world view or doesn’t praise you they way you want to be praised, doesn’t make it fake. That’s not how this works! He has called the free press the ‘enemy of the American people’. Do you realize how dangerous that is?

Then, his press secretary Sean Spicer held a closed-door press briefing and didn’t allow several news outlets inside. That’s not okay. And Trump himself has held several press conferences in which he only asked questions from friendly outlets. They are trying to silence the free press and create a state-run media platform. This is not good news folks. I’m not trying to sound alarmist, but this is how fascism starts.

I’ll end this on a lighter note however. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that Trump won’t be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner this year. Most outlets weren’t going to attend if he did go, so instead of facing a small crowd (something he’s familiar with), he opted not to go. It’s also proof positive that his skin is so thin, that he wouldn’t be able to handle the roasting he’d be likely to receive. This cry baby just wants to hang out at the White House in the dark, in his robe, all alone, watching cable TV.

I can’t believe this man is our president…