I ‘watched’ Trump’s Joint Session speech last night, with him on mute and Washington Post’s fact check site on constant refresh. I’ve got a few reactions from that along with some random thoughts on certain things that have been happening. Nothing which I want to spend a full blog on, so I thought I’d do a run down of said thoughts here today.

In a little over an hour, Trump lied 13 times in front of congress and the American People. That’s about once every five minutes. He lied about the crime rate, he lied about immigrants, he lied about unemployment numbers. But I don’t feel like his lies were the worst part. Two things really struck me as either inappropriate or downright evil.

First, was the use of Navy Seal Ryan Owens’ death and his widow as applause lines. He soaked that for what it was worth. Not only did he cause the death, but he then blamed it on the military instead of taking responsibility as Commander in Chief. How disgraceful! He approved the operation over dinner with Ivanka and Jared. He wasn’t in the situation room during the op, even during the entire hour when things went to hell. He was tweeting, probably in his bathrobe wandering around the residence. The operation did not lead to any actionable intelligence and nearly 30 civilians were killed, including an 8-year-old American girl. The entire Yemen raid was a failure. Regardless of what Trump says, it’s on his shoulders, and to use Owens’ grieving wife as a prop was appalling.

Second, was the VOICE program that he talked about. Trump has directed the Department of Homeland Security to implement the Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement to track violent crimes perpetrated by immigrants. They won’t be very busy as the vast majority of undocumented immigrants to not commit violent crimes. You know what this program does do though? It panders to Trump’s base and stokes fears of brown people. This is very close to the directive that Adolph Hitler invoked in 1943 that documented crimes allegedly perpetrated by Jews. He declared that Jews were criminal by disposition (totally untrue), and that is exactly what VOICE is saying about Immigrants on American soil. Disgusting.

He can’t take responsibility for anything. Trump didn’t mention the Kansas man who murdered a young man from India while screaming ‘Get out of my country!’ until he was specifically asked to by a republican representative from Kansas. He has blamed all the anti-semetic threats and attacks on democrats or Jews themselves, because he thinks they just want to make him look bad. It’s his rhetoric that has caused this. It’s his blatant racism and nationalism that has caused this. He has given tacit approval for bigots, racists, white nationalists, and neo-nazis to run amok, cause damage, and hurt people. But no, it’s someone else’s fault.

He also blames president Obama for protests and leaks. Yes, Obama is planning and executing all the protests around the country (and globe) and personally advising White House and government staffers to leak classified information. Also, apparently George Soros is paying $1500 per week to protesters. I might as well quit my job now, because this protesting shit will more than pay my bills. Ugh! Trump is ridiculous.

One of my favorite quotes from him though, was ‘the leaks are real, but the news is fake’. Really? It wouldn’t be a big deal, therefore would not have been leaked, if it was fake. Why are people getting fired and investigated if it’s fake? Insert eye roll here!

He also said ‘Nobody knew how hard healthcare would be’. Ummm, I think Obama and Hillary Clinton knew. I think everyone else in America knows. How is this guy running our country?

The Secretary of Education tweeted recently that Historically Black Colleges and Universities were founded to offer school choice. She seriously said that. I’m pretty sure HBCU’s were founded because of segregation and racism, but…sure, school choice. Let’s go with that.

The State Department isn’t fully staffed and Rex Tillerson isn’t allowed to hire his own people. Trump puts his spies around Tillerson to keep him in line. I don’t feel like Tillerson would have gone against the company line, so I’m not sure what that’s all about. But as per an article in The Atlantic, State staffers are aimless. They take long lunches, come in late, leave early. All because the literally have nothing to do and aren’t given any direction. This sounds promising…

In that same article, a staffer had this to say:

“America is over. And being part of that, when it’s happening for no reason, is traumatic.”

I’ll just end on that terrifying note.