How many times did Donald Trump complain about President Obama playing golf? How often did he and republicans complain about the cost of the Obama family’s trips to Hawai’i?

Golf was something that President Obama enjoyed to do during his leisure time while in office. He played 333 rounds of golf in eight years, or 41 rounds per year. And Trump hated that. He complained about it a lot. He stated on the campaign trail that the golfing would stop because he had so much work to do. That he would stay at the White House and ‘Make America Great Again’! But, as we see on a regular basis, it was just another of his lies.

Trump has been in office for 59 days and has played at least nine rounds of golf. If it wasn’t okay for President Obama, why is it okay for Trump? One can only guess…

And how about all his vacations? Republicans and Trump screamed about the cost of the Obama’s going to Hawai’i for Christmas. They usually also took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard for a couple weeks in the summer. That of course, was just awful. President’s shouldn’t waste taxpayer money flying on Air Force 1 for vacations twice a year. It was so bad that a republican congressman, Tim Huelskamp (Kansas) suggested that Air Force 1 be defunded. Seriously.

But now, it’s perfectly fine for Trump to use Air Force 1 to travel to his property in  Florida whenever he wants. Five out of the eight weekends he has been in office, he has flown to Palm Beach so he can go to his Mar-A-Lago resort. I guess that whole ‘I’m gonna stay in DC and work for the people’ thing hasn’t really worked out. When asked about that, republicans in congress say it’s important for the president to have his down time. Imagine, if you would, how they would have responded if President Obama had flown to Florida every weekend. Probably not the same way.

What’s worse is that by going to Trump’s property (which he has not divested from), he is simply lining his pockets. It costs about $3.3 million dollars for every weekend trip. Most of that goes into his own bank account because he charges the federal government for rooms his staff and secret service stay in, the food they eat, any security they add, etc.

Last week, in a meeting with the new VA secretary David Shulkin in the White House, Trump said they were going to have a meting to discuss the VA at the most convenient place for everyone…Mar-A-Lago. He then turned to Shulkin and said ‘Will you be there’? Shulkin said no. In Trump world, a meeting between the VA and his staff is more convenient in Florida than DC and of course without any representatives from the VA. Makes sense, no? But while at Mar-A-Lago this weekend, that meeting never occurred anyway.

There are two reasons Trump goes to Mar-A-Lago. 1) He can’t handle the pressure of being president, so he goes some place comfortable, like a five year old child who hides under his baby blanket. 2) He goes there to make money.

That second one is what really gets me. This man ran for president, not because he wanted to be president, because he did not. He ran for president to make himself more famous and make more money. He said he wasn’t corrupt because he’s not beholden to donors and special interests. But, that’s not true. He is his own special interest and the presidency is a way for him to get richer. He and his entire family are using the presidency of the United States to make money for themselves. And they are doing it on the taxpayers dime. Here are some examples:

He raised the price of membership at his Florida club from $100,000 prior to November 8 to $200,000 after.

Other than flying to Mar-A-Lago, he has gone to his golf property in Virginia and his hotel in DC. He makes money on every visit, but doesn’t have to pay his own way there.

His adult sons use secret service protection as they fly all over the world doing business for the Trump organization.

His wife and 10-year-old son will cost taxpayers up to $50 million dollars a year for security at Trump Tower because she refused to move to DC. A good chunk of that money goes to the Trump organization for rent.

Melania is currently embroiled in a defamation lawsuit and in her ‘defense’ her lawyer stated that the defamation could cost her millions of dollars because she currently, and for a short time, had the unique opportunity to be the most famous woman in the world. His exact words were “multi-year term’ of ‘elevated publicity’. Yeah, she’s definitely not trying to monetize being First Lady.

Kellyanne Conway going on live television and promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, TWICE, despite violating ethics laws.

Trump vowed he wouldn’t take a salary. He is. Then he said he would donate it at the end of the year. Who does that help? Trump. If in fact he does donate the $400,000 salary, he would get a nearly $130,000 tax cut. So, not only does he receive a tax cut, but he basically double-dips into the treasury for a total of $530,000.

How republicans can continue to defend this man is unbelievable. It is funny however, to watch their faces as they do the mental gymnastics required to defend him when asked to compare to the things they previously said about President Obama doing much, much less.