Clinton Watts, a cyber security expert from the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University said it best when he stated, “Follow the Trail of Dead Russians”. He was speaking in front of a panel for the Senate Intelligence Committee last week and he wasn’t wrong. There has been a near avalanche of Russians attached to the Trump/Russia scandal that have been assassinated, have suddenly died of ‘natural causes’, or who have been seriously injured in what looks to be assassination attempts.

(Here is a quick rundown of who has died…so far.)

Now we have American’s asking for immunity and blatantly covering up connections and it’s spiraling out of control. Mike Flynn, the former National Security Adviser under Trump who was fired 24 days into the administration because of his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak, has asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony about the Russian connections to the Trump administration. Innocent people don’t ask for immunity. But guilty ones do, especially when there are bigger fish to fry. He’s also hired anti-Trump lawyer Robert Kelner. Who is next in asking for immunity? Paul Manafort or Carter Page? It’s anybody’s guess.

Representative Devin Nunes, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee is caught up to his eye balls in cover-ups and obfuscation that I’m surprised he can see over his hill of bullshit. He worked for the Trump transition, so I’m assuming the Russians have something on him too, otherwise, I don’t think he’d be cozy-ing up to Trump as much as he is right now.

The Trump administration, who has been whining about leaks since the dawn of time, decided to leak something of their own in an effort to back up Trump’s baseless claims of wire-tapping by President Obama. It’s a really weak effort, but an effort none-the-less. Only problem is, Nunes is an idiot. He went to the White House grounds, to which he was summoned, to get this supposed smoking gun information. What was it? Trump administration officials were incidentally picked up in routine surveillance of Russian officials. (Insert eye-roll here).

So, thinking this vindicates Trump, Nunes decides to go to Speaker Paul Ryan instead of to his committee to share the information. Why? See the idiot comment above. Then, he goes BACK to the White House to brief Trump about information that Trump’s team gave him. Why do you have to brief Trump on information he already has. Also, by this time Nunes has had two press conferences, still having not shown any of this information to his committee colleagues. This man is in the bag for Trump, possibly caught up in the collusion with Russians as well, and he’s supposed to be leading a bi-partisan investigation regarding this. How’s that?

Nunes further drove his head into the sand when he called off hearings for former acting Attorney General Sally Yates because he knew her testimony would contradict everything that the White House has said about this. And then he cancelled weekly committee meetings altogether. So at this point, the House investigation is at a full-stop. Nunes cannot be accountable to a bi-partisan investigation, because he is involved in this entire mess. He needs to either step down, or Ryan needs to remove him from the committee. Neither of those things will probably happen, so hopefully the Senate can take over. The best thing to do would be to have an independent investigation, but with republicans in charge, that doesn’t look likely. Without one though, Republicans are just implicating themselves and attaching their star to an administration that is burning out quickly. Maybe the entire GOP falls with Trump? Fine by me!

One last interesting tidbit…Trump is refusing to release this year’s tax return. It’s not surprising, but it further pushes the narrative that he has something very, very big to hide. Sooner or later, we will find out.