What a week! More bombs, more lies, and more weird stuff from the White House. Is this what we’re supposed to be getting used to now? Here are a few highlights.

More Bombs:  On Friday, we dropped the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ also know by its real name, Massive Ordinance Air Blast. It’s the largest bomb dropped since we went nuclear in WWII. We apparently took out ISIS fighters in their cave hideouts in Afghanistan. First numbers to come through said we killed 36 combatants, but estimates have reached as high as 99. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Go ahead and take out ISIS fighters, I don’t mind. But a 10-ton bomb for less than 100 (and possibly less than 50) people? Seems excessive. Could it be someone trying to overcompensate for…small hands?

Sean Spicer and Hitler: Oh boy. Spicer stuck his foot in his mouth again. This time, comparing Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad to Hitler, that came off making Hitler the good guy. Really. First off, Spicer can’t say Assad’s name. Throughout this horrible gaff, he had at least three different iterations of Bashar Al-Assad. But the real issue was this…Spicer said that Assad was worse than Hitler for dropping chemical weapons on his people, because apparently (in Spicer’s mind), Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons. A reporter in the crowd asked him to clarify and this is really where it went off the rails. First he said that Hitler didn’t use them on his own people (ummm…yes, yes he did), then to clarify again he said Hitler only used them at ‘Holocaust Centers’ (what the fuck is a holocaust center?). In yet another clarification he stated that Hitler didn’t drop chemical weapons on population centers of innocent people. Ok, I’ll give you that. Hitler didn’t drop chemical weapons in the middle of cities, but I’m guessing the millions of INNOCENT PEOPLE that he gassed in the DEATH CAMPS would probably disagree that chemical weapons weren’t used. Later that day, Spicer released not one, not two, but THREE different written apologies. He had to write three because he literally made it worse with the first two. Then, he called the only real republican Jew he knew (Sheldon Addleson) to apologize. You should see my WTF face right now. The only reason this guy still has a job is because at this moment, he looks worse than Trump. And that shit is hard to do.

Trump has no idea who runs North Korea: In an interview this weekend, Trump kept referring to the North Korean dictator as ‘this gentleman’. This gentleman that has been dealing with Clinton, GWB, and Obama. Same guy? Doesn’t know his name, also doesn’t know that Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il are two different people. He wants to saber rattle and threaten North Korea and he doesn’t even know who runs the joint. Good god!

USS Carl Vinson: Along the saber rattling lines, Trump and his entire administration (including Spicer and Sec. of Defense Mattis) all flat out lied to the American people about where this striker team was headed. We were told it was going to North Korea as a show of force. Normally the public isn’t notified of where our ships are going and why, but the administration felt it necessary to let us know that the Vinson was being pulled from training of the coast of New Zealand and heading for North Korean waters. But that wasn’t even remotely true. The Vinson was never headed to North Korea and is, in fact, participating in training in New Zealand. Why was that lie told? Just…why?

Flip Flops galore (based on who Trump talks to last): During the campaign, Trump said on day one he would label China a currency manipulator (they aren’t). He also stated that China wasn’t doing enough to deter North Korea. After meeting with president Xi Jinping, he flipped on both of those sentiments. During the campaign, Trump said NATO was obsolete. After meeting with NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg, he no longer thinks NATO is obsolete. Trump said the Import-Export bank was unnecessary, but after talking to Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg, he decided it’s ‘actually a very good thing’. He said Obamacare would be super easy to repeal but after a conversation with insurance executives, he stated ‘no one knew health care could be so complicated’ (we all knew that). Trump continuously attacks the media, especially the ‘failing New York Times’, yet he calls the paper to give his own scoops and recently said they were a ‘great, great American jewel’ after an interview with them. This man can’t make up his mind and just regurgitates what ever the last person said to him. Can we get some democratic plants in the White House please?

Visitor Logs: Trump and his administration have decided not to release the visitor logs. Probably because they don’t want any proof of the Russian spies that flow in and out of the White House on a daily basis. Seriously though, their reasoning is amazing. Because the Obama administration scrubbed some names from their logs (personal family friends and national security visits) Trump tried to say that Obama wasn’t transparent enough. So because of that, he wasn’t going to be transparent at all. WTF? Always has to blame the black guy.

Tax Returns: We won’t be seeing Trump’s tax returns any time soon, not that we didn’t expect that already. Prior to tax day, Spicer said Trump was already under audit for his 2016 returns (not possible) and therefore couldn’t release them. Again, there are no laws that say someone under audit can’t release returns, so it’s just more lies. What’s he hiding?

Turkey Call: A recent referendum in Turkey, a democratic republic, is under intense scrutiny by democracies around the globe. Voting rights organizations say that the results are questionable, but prime minister Erdogan declared victory. What was that victory? Basically giving him nearly dictatorial powers. No one else in the world called to congratulate Erdogan. Guess who did?

Also, Trump is just an Asshole: At this year’s Easter Egg Roll (which I’m surprised actually happened) a child asked Trump to sign his hat. Trump signed it and instead of giving it back to the kid, he tossed it into the crowd. I can’t even with this guy.

Some good news though, Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox (Yeah!!) and Utah representative Jason Chaffetz will not run for reelection in 2018. He’ll probably run for governor, but that’s fine. Let Utah deal with him, I’m tired of his ugly pig face.

Another week down in this mess of an administration. Another week closer to WWIII? I don’t know, but have a great week everyone!