There’s been a lot happening the last couple of weeks. Let’s do a quick round-up of all the crazy that’s flown in our face. But I will say that I can end this post on a positive note, so keep reading!

The worst and most heartless thing to happen in politics happened last week when House Republicans voted (217-213) to repeal the ACA and replace it with, well, nothing basically. The AHCA is absolutely vile, much like the republicans who voted for it. Nothing says partisan politics more than voting to take away healthcare for 24 million Americans (many of whom voted for these same gutless repubs) just so rich people can get an $800B tax cut. And the list of pre-existing conditions, which can now be used to deny care once again, is utterly ridiculous. It basically includes every condition under the sun AND rape and domestic violence. That’s right folks, the GOP thinks that rape and domestic violence are pre-existing conditions. But the reality of it, is that just being a woman in and of itself is a pre-existing condition and since we are always at fault for our assaults, our insurance shouldn’t have to cover it. (Insert the biggest fucking eye roll EVER, right here).

We found out this morning that President Obama warned Trump not to hire Michael Flynn, so naturally, the orange buffoon did the exact opposite. That’s his MO though, hiring people to do the exact opposite of what their job actually entails. So of course Trump would hire a man that more than likely had a hand in colluding with Russia to get Trumpy elected. Make sense. What’s funny though, is that the Trump camp is now blaming President Obama for their failings in vetting Flynn. Seriously! You can’t make this shit up!

Jared Kushner’s sister is in China and has been name dropping and telling the Chinese that she can get them Visa’s in exchange for them investing in her business. Sigh…

Trump still clings to authoritarian leaders. And why wouldn’t he. That’s what he wants to be. Democracy be damned! There is a Trump Tower being built in Manila and the main contact for the Trump organization there has been named as a special trade envoy to president Duterte. The Philippine president has openly admitted to extra-judicial killings of his own people and also called President Obama a ‘son of a whore’. So obviously, Trump is a fan and has invited him to the White House. And he did so without advising the Department of State or the NSC.  Trump also wants to talk to Kim Jong Un and has praised the dictator as being a ‘smart cookie’. Remember when the GOP were freaking out that President Obama wanted to negotiate with Castro and open ties with Cuba? Their silence on this issue speaks volumes.

Trump skipped the White House Correspondents Dinner so he could have a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. He is so thin-skinned that he can’t handle ribbing from a comedian and would rather have a rally so his sycophants can adulate him. Big, fucking baby. But watch Hassan Manhaj just tear him a new one, it’s so good!

Also in the big, fucking baby arena, Trump complained how hard his job is. In an interview with Reuters:

“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

Are you fucking kidding me? He has absolutely no clue what the hell he’s doing. He has no intellectual curiosity, not capacity to understand the scope of what he was ‘elected’ to do. This man is so incompetent, he makes George W. Bush seem like he should be a member of Mensa. W’s incompetence caused 9/11. What will Trump’s do?

In that same Reuters interview, Trump once again brought up the election. He can’t seem to stay away from it. It validates him in such an extreme way, which obviously is all he wants. In the middle an answer about China, he abruptly stopped talking, took out copies of the electoral map and gloated about how red it was. Then handed the reporters said copies for them to take home. I need an emoji for ‘facepalm’ right now.

A couple of good things to report however…France did not go the way of alt-right nationalism, and rejected Le Pen in their presidential election on Sunday. Emmanuel Macron was elected by a wide 66% to 33% margin. Congratulations France! And, President Obama won a JFK Profile in Courage Award, and I hope everyone has a chance to watch his speech. As always he is eloquent and he indirectly called out Trump and the hateful republicans with this great quote:

“I hope that current members of Congress recall that it actually doesn’t take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential. But it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm”.

Welp…let’s see what this week brings up.