I don’t know if it’s because the sun is finally out in Seattle or if Trump’s blunders last week weren’t as bad as usual, but I’m not foaming at the mouth this morning. Progress people!

That’s not to say that I’m on board the Trump train, but I can appreciate that he’s working for lasting ‘peach’ in Israel, which according to him, is NOT in the middle east. It makes me laugh how incompetent he and his administration are. First, if you’re putting together a read out for the press, you may want to proof read it first. Secondly, if the ‘president’ doesn’t understand where he is and that Israel is in fact a part of the Middle East, there is just no hope for him. He also wrote how amazing it was to be at the Yad Vashem (Israel’s main Holocaust memorial) with his friends. That’s it. No mention of the genocide, no mention of the Jewish people. Just how totally cool it was to hang out there with his pals. And of course, this is after he blurted out code-word intelligence (from Israel) to the Russians. Oy vey!

Trump’s hypocrisy was also on full display on his first trip abroad. After complaining for years, in tweets of course, that President Obama was too friendly with Saudi Arabia and how dare he bow to the King…so of course Trump did the exact same thing. I’m almost certain he re-reads all his tweets just so he can do the opposite. He also slammed Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf, but seemed fine with Melania and Ivanka going without. He railed against the Clinton Foundation taking money from the Saudi’s but doesn’t say a word when they give $100 million to Ivanka’s ‘Women’s Empowerment’ fund.

Oh, and Trump released his budget this week Lo and behold it’s a reverse Robin Hood scheme, taking from the poor to give to the rich. He wants to gut medicaid by $800 Billion, overhaul taxes that would eliminate trillions that the wealthy pay, and put strict limits on SNAP benefits, among other dangerous cuts. The thing republicans don’t understand (or simply don’t care about) is that cutting anti-poverty programs keeps people in poverty. With low-income American’s getting access to quality healthcare, nutritious food, and consistent shelter, they are more able to invest in themselves and their family. Getting their kids off to school, finding jobs to support their families. Without government help, some of these people would continue down the cycle of unending poverty. But no, let’s just give millionaires and billionaires more money so they can buy another house, boat, plane, etc.

I just can’t stand the republican world view. It’s backward and hateful. They always talk about picking oneself up by their bootstraps, but they continually take away the fucking boot. If there isn’t a strap to hold on to, how does one pull themselves up?

And let’s not forget about the education budget release last week. Betsy DeVos continues her war on education, slashing public education funds (by $9.2 Billion), and putting more emphasis on charter schools. They also plan on cutting grants and federal work-study programs.

The thing is, that with his budgets, he hurts his voters the most. Rural, blue-collar, uneducated white people voted for him. Those same people rely on the state and federal governments more than any other group. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt, that Trump was never the populist he claimed to be (but hey, those of us smart enough not to vote for him already knew that). He simply wanted the fame and power that comes with the presidency. He doesn’t even want the job, he just wants to enrich himself further, which is exactly what he’s doing.

I change my mind. Even with the sun out, I’m still mad as hell. #RESIST