Apparently, the American Republican Party are the only group of people in the entire world that don’t believe in Climate Change. It’s embarrassing and dangerous. 

The Obama Administration negotiated with 195 countries, all who signed on to the Paris Climate Accord in 2015, to reduce emissions and work on a global scale to save our planet. But the Republican Party, including big oil and coal companies would rather make more money than listen to science. How can such a small faction of morons wield so much power? 

The other countries will most likely stay in if we don’t, but it will further erode our moral standing (as if it could go lower). And yet again, it gives China a another leg up in global politics. They already took the lead on trade after Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Our leaving the accord also makes it very hard to keep an eye on countries like India, Pakistan, and China. More than likely, they will find it much easier to cheat and or flub their numbers without the strict line the U.S. would normally hold in agreements like this. 

Trump hasn’t announced yet if he will pull out, or how, but there is still hope. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wants to stay in the accord and Trump is supposedly meeting with him today. But leaders across the world already despise Trump. He’s no longer invited to the cool kids table and pretty soon, he’ll be locked out of the party all together. 

I still don’t understand how one party of one country can be so dangerous to the entire world. The unwillingness to believe in science instead of greed is going to kill the planet and decrease our standing even further in the global economy. We will have a tougher time negotiating trade deals or getting global partners in our fight against terrorism. Donald Trump and the GOP are the single most terrifying thing to happen to this country. I’m not a religious person, but I hope someone somewhere is praying for us. 😔