It’s been awhile since I wrote. I just needed a political break. Under President Obama, even though things could (and did) get very frustrating, I always remained hopeful. Now, with Trump, not only is everything making me angry, but what exactly is there to remain hopeful about? He’s tearing at the very fabric of our democracy, trying to turn us into an authoritarian oligarchy.

There is just so much going on right now that it can get overwhelming. The supreme court voted to allow some of Trump’s travel ban to go into effect. Trump is now blaming Obama for Russia hacking our election (granted, I wish President Obama had done more, but I understand his reasoning for laying low). The investigation into Russia and Trump’s campaign is really heating up. Pence, Kushner, and Sessions have all hired outside representation. We also found out that Kushner secured a $285 million loan from Deutsche Bank one month before the election. A very bad healthcare bill has been released by the Senate. The hatred for President Obama and the poor/sick/elderly is on full display. It’s absolutely disgusting. There will be no vote before the July 4 recess, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pass later, pushing tens of millions of people out of the insurance market and/or medicaid. These republicans are just vile.

Trump had his first overseas trip in May and promptly embarrassed us around the world. He refused to lecture the Arab nations on human rights abuses (literally saying “I’m not here to lecture you”), but berated NATO allies for not paying their ‘bills’. He also refused to affirm Article 5 that states all NATO allies would come to the defense of others. Oh, and he wants to relieve sanctions on Russia. Like…What The Actual Fuck?

A recent poll from Pew noted that confidence in the U.S. from countries around the world has dropped since Trump took office. Republicans constantly lied and said that President Obama had ruined our relationships with allies and we were no longer a popular friend amongst other countries in the world. It was blatantly false and easily researched, but they pushed that narrative none-the-less and their Fox News followers ate it up. But now, the only countries in the world that have a confidence in the U.S. higher than 50%…Israel and Russia. That’s not a good look. The highest anywhere else is in Britain…at 22%.

World leaders are not so thinly veiling their desire to only work with the U.S. when it’s absolutely necessary. They don’t trust our leadership. They openly mock Trump. And then of course he attacks back in even more destructive ways that further erode the relationship. Instead of standing in solidarity with London after another spate of terror attacks, he personally insulted London’s mayor and pushed his ridiculous ban. Again, his ban would have no effect in an instance like that since the attackers were citizens of the UK. But he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand that anyway.

Soon we will have no allies in the world other than Russia and the Philippines. Thumbs up for that one dude. We have gone from the cool kids table to the bullies table and I don’t like it one bit.