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The Hypocrisy of Golf and Vacations

How many times did Donald Trump complain about President Obama playing golf? How often did he and republicans complain about the cost of the Obama family's trips to Hawai'i?

The Republican Healthcare Disaster

The lies have caught up to the GOP regarding healthcare, but will that matter?

All Lies!

I'm frustrated, exasperated, annoyed and just plain OVER all the lying.

More False Allegations From Trump

Another day, another Trump lie.

Random Thoughts

I 'watched' Trump's Joint Session speech last night, with him on mute and Washington Post's fact check site on constant refresh. I've got a few reactions from that along with some random thoughts on certain things that have been happening.

Donald Trump’s bizarre relationship with the media.

You remember the Jim Carrey movie 'The Truman Show'? Where he lives in a bubble filled with actors and they give him this perfect life? I sort of feel like that is what Donald Trump's life is like.

The Worst Contest

Welcome everyone to the 'The Worst' Contest.

The FBI is Becoming a Partisan Side Show

he Federal Bureau of Investigation is devolving into a partisan agency instead of the impartial department it is supposed to be.

Our Generation’s Watergate?

This Russia thing is getting out of hand.

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