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They’re All Laughing At You!

In giving his ridiculous speech pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, Trump asked 'At what point do they (other countries) start laughing at us as a country?"

Climate Change? Meh, Who Cares!

Apparently, the American Republican Party are the only group of people in the entire world that don't believe in Climate Change. It's embarrassing and dangerous.  The Obama Administration negotiated with 195 countries, all who signed on to the Paris Climate... Continue Reading →

This Week in Trump

I don't know if it's because the sun is finally out in Seattle or if Trump's blunders last week weren't as bad as usual, but I'm not foaming at the mouth this morning. Progress people!

He Just Keeps Digging a Deeper Hole

There has been so much going on this last week. I kept telling myself to just wait for more information to come out before writing about one situation and then ten more situations followed. It's crazy! So let's dive in...

A Round-Up of Crazy

There's been a lot happening the last couple of weeks. Let's do a quick round-up of all the crazy that's flown in our face. But I will say that I can end this post on a positive note, so keep reading!

100 Days…Feels So Much Longer Than That

I know I'm a few days late on Trump's 100 days, as that mark came and went on Saturday, but I didn't want to leave it without a little part-time punditry on the topic.

It’s More Like ‘Mother of All Bullshit’

What a week! More bombs, more lies, and more weird stuff from the White House. Is this what we're supposed to be getting used to now? Here are a few highlights.

What’s the Truth Behind the Syria Bombings?

On Thursday, Donald Trump authorized a strike in Syria. He sent 59 Tomahawk missiles to Shayrat Airfield in response to the chemical weapons that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad dropped on his people. But what exactly did that do? Not much... Continue Reading →

“Follow the Trail of Dead Russians”

Clinton Watts, a cyber security expert from the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University said it best when he stated, "Follow the Trail of Dead Russians". He was speaking in front of a panel for the... Continue Reading →

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